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Honest advice🤔

Rāvana approved the plan of abducting Sita, and thought about how to do it. On the next day’s break, he flew to the abode of Māricha, his uncle, who while welcoming him, said-Lord of demons, Is all well? You’ve not come here without purpose. Tell me details?

Rāvana replied tersely-One Rām has destroyed Khara & his forces at Jansthan, so find me way to abduct his wife

Māricha cried-Who is a hypocritical friend & worst enemy of yours, inciting you to make away with Sita? Who is envious of your power & wealth thus giving this baneful counsel? Do you doubt that it’s your relentless foe who advised you of this abduction? Who seeks to inflict wanton misery upon you?

Rām is like gandhasti (species of elephant)whom other elephants avoid by the very odor that emanates from his body. He is lion among men. Perhaps one may escape with life & limb from an encounter with lion, if he is lucky & moment is auspicious but even that hope is out of question if you attack Rām

Lord of Lanka, crest jewel of demons, go back & rest happily in company of your wives & let Rām live happily in woods in company of his wife. This advice was out of strong love for Rāvana, who got convinced & returned back, but this was not the end

How often, we value the advice of our loved ones & don’t doubt what true friends say? We need to listen to them carefully & try to analyse the intent & content of why they say what they say, rather than be swayed from our false ego & lament afterwards!


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