Game of life 26

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Foresee👀& plan🎯

Ram noted evil omens befalling the army led by Khara-fearful clouds sailing aloft in circles with thunder & lightning foretelling misery & annihilation of demons. He also marked auspicious signs on his side-Bow chased with gold & quivers shining as if emitting angry smoke, constant twitching of right arm & radiant face with feeling of enthusiasm

As shouts & war cries of demons & dull thunder of war drums drew near, Ram prepared himself for impending war & situations it may lead to. He asked Laxman-take Sita to a mountain cave concealed by thick foliage & be armed to the teeth to ensure her safety. I know well your eagerness to meet these demons on battlefield, being a valiant warrior but I’ve passed my word to sages that I would slay them

Laxman armed himself & withdrew into cave along with Sita.Ram was pleased that his brother is an epitome of perfect loyalty & obedience

Ram donned his divine armor which shone like a smokeless flame in dark night with fiery refulgence.He prepared his bow arrow & the twang of bow string frightened even ghosts.He then waited calmly-BRING THEM ON

In our fights-preparation, screening & critical evaluation of the adversary and keeping an eye for any collateral damage & weak points, pays dividends. This needs to be done by default 

Do we prepare?


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