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Provoked😠by someone’s words! Beware✖


The sight of his sister rolling on ground in terrible agony with blood oozing from her mutilated ears & nose,roused Khara to ungovernable fury.He cried-arise,calm yourself & tell me all the details. Who has dared to torture you & decided to fit noose of death to his neck?

Surpanakha replied-They’re 2 brothers in their prime of youth, strong & mighty. Dressed in bark & deerskin like hermits but carrying weapons. Their looks are of high royalty & being beautiful,they steal the hearts of foolish girls. Don’t mistake them for valiant warriors, the very sight of your forces would force them into hiding. As brothers in arms, to kill one, you’ve to kill other.They’re sons of Dashrath-Ram & Laxman are their names & between them is beautiful Sita, the very reason for my predicament

Khara, filled with wrath turned towards his generals of 14000 battle hardened veteran demons, thundered-2 men in a warlike array but in garb of hermits are reported to have entered our frightful Dandaka forest & have a woman with them. Bring their bodies to me for revenge of my sister

Never be provoked by someone else’s words,however tempting it is. Every feedback needs thorough personal analysis either in business or in personal life before taking any action💨

Thoughts pls? #gameoflife

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