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🎭Playing with fire🔥

Demoness Surpanakha approaching Laxman said-I’m apt choice to be your wife, let’s roam together in each other’s company

Smiling slightly, Laxman said-You see I’m servant of my brother & I’d not degrade your rank & birth by making you slave of slave. As I serve Ram, you’ll also become a servant of his wife Sita. I suggest that if you take Ram as your husband, he’ll make all your wishes come true. I think you doubt him taking you as his 2nd wife, but how can Sita stand your witching loveliness & superhuman beauty?Take my word, he’ll drive her away & be your willing slave

The foolish demoness couldn’t perceive delicate irony, her obtuse brain took this as truth & she ran back to Ram, saying-Your doll wife, ugly, wicked & lean is a cause of your heart not leaning towards me. Let me crush her bones & get rid of her. As the comet hurls itself, she flew at Sita like a noose of death. Seeing this Ram said, it was utter folly to play & jest with a cruel & mean person, let’s punish her!

Laxman was roused with fury & said, till now you weren’t dangerous but now you’re doomed with this act & with dagger he quickly sliced off Surpannakha’s ears & nose

Being insensitive to others & with a self-driven agenda if we try to bulldoze our way, the repercussions are terrible. This became a turning point in Ramayana

The demoness will play a self-destructive game not only for herself but for the entire dynasty to be wiped off

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