Game of Life 21

Game of Life 22 - Sensing Subtle Signs


Sensing⏩subtle signals📶

Raving Surpanakha with glowing red eyes & impelled by her overmastering passion wanted Ram to subjugate to her desires. Ram replied with calm, gentle smile & convincing tone-I’ve a wife & love her dearly. I can’t put her away nor keep you both & also I think you’d be intolerant to be a co-wife

Ram said-My brother Laxman is the soul of propriety, very handsome, in the prime of youth & a famous warrior. I suggest you prefer your suit to him. He hasn’t taken his wife with him in the forest & would surely accept you. You would be an evenly matched pair so go & win him-Ram spoke thus in jest & also out of his infinite pity not to pain her by sharp refusal as she was madly in love with him

But she was a demoness possessed by demons of lust & was not able to understand subtle signals of refusal & thus leave, relieving them of her unwelcome presence. She took Ram’s word in all seriousness & approached Laxman in earnest

We need to be intelligent enough to capture subtle signals of what others are thinking & conveying in between words. In business & in personal life, a shrewd mind can perceive the undertones and change course of interaction to his advantage. If not then either the relationship or the deal is doomed to our surprise, catching us unawares

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