Game of Life – 18 – Austerity

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As autumn passed, winter arrived. Sun prefers southern quarters & chilly winds from west are rendered more cruel as frost & snow join hands

Laxman said-Bharat at Nandigram should be performing intense austerities filled with utter devotion to you. Renouncing fame & power, kingdom & riches, he sleeps on bare cold earth & manages to keep himself alive on a meagre diet. Brought up in refined luxury & soft comforts & designated to spend his life in joy & pleasure but he is going thro’ this. Yet Dharma is no mystery for him

With truthful heart & stern sense control, the prince with lovely eyes putting to shame petals of lotus, kindness & sympathy for all, still has chosen to forego comforts, luxury, pomp & power to lay himself & his heart at your feet. How can Keikeyi with husband like Dasrath & son like Bharat, become so cruel?

Ram stopped Laxman to even say one more unkind remark. He said-Mother Keikeyi does not deserve any allegation at your hands. It would please me if you would speak of the manifold virtues of Bharat. My heart is set firm on fulfilling the promise I’ve made to my father

When our vision is firm on higher principles, austerities are bliss not curse. It brings out different dimension of strength which otherwise remains latent

Focus on positives and elevate, focus on negatives and demote yourself. Choice is ours!


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