Game of Life -17 – Respect

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Ram pitched upon a place suitable in every way & linking his arm with Laxman out of love said-This spot is level, lovely & graced with beautiful foliage. Pools of water carpeted with lotuses of sweet fragrance meet eyes everywhere. Godavari flows by with swans, herons & other water-fowls floating on its waters. Pls raise our humble cottage here

It didn’t take long for Laxman to raise a spacious cottage there. Earth walls, Bamboo pillars, rafters & cross-trees skillfully laid out covered with leafy boughs firmly secured with strips of bark. Reeds, Kusa grass & leaves laid over them with floor raised firm & smooth. He then performed religious rites preceding occupation of house & led Ram & Sita inside

Ram, struck with the expertise of Laxman said-I don’t have words to express my feelings of pleasure & satisfaction. To appreciate your service, I can only hug you in supreme love. You have exactly built this as per our desire. My father has left me, but I feel that he has deputed you in his place to take care of my lightest needs. Through you he pursues his pleasant task of spoiling me with over indulgence

Such an important lesson for all of us-how we should treat people who work for us. Respect can do wonders which even any remuneration cannot

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