Game of Life -16 – Serve to Please

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Serve to please!

On the way to Panchvati, Ram Laxman & Sita saw a huge vulture perched on a banyan tree. Taking him for a demon, Ram & Laxman asked who are you? He said-I am your father, King Dasrath’s best friend. Ram paid respects & asked his name & lineage

The bird was no ordinary being & it began to explain the origin of all things-Lord Brahma’s sons, Daksha & 60 daughters,12 Adityas & lineage of all including animals, aquatics, birds & trees. He introduced himself as Jatayu-younger son of Aruna & Syeni with Sampati as his elder. He offered to watch over Sita while brothers would be away on other jobs in forest

Reaching Panchvati, Ram said to Laxman-this place was selected for us by Sage Agastya. You have lived in the forest long enough to choose a likely site for our cottage.Sita would prefer a place among trees & I would like it to be even & carpeted with soft sand. Laxman said-Lord you are master & I’m your slave to execute services joyfully. I’m unworthy of making a decision & would like you to order me by selecting a spot. Ram pleased with Laxman’s words,smiled & showed his appreciation

In our lives, when our seniors give us responsibility, they have faith in us but as our commitment we should first ask them what is their vision for execution. By doing so, we earn compassion & blessings from them

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