Game of Life – 15 – Foreseeing a Bigger Plan

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👀Foreseeing bigger plan🛣

Handing over celestial weapons, Sage Agastya said-I’m delighted beyond measure at your seeking me in this lonely retreat. I see that Sita, daughter of Janaka, brought up in luxury & comfort suffers more than you, but supreme love for her husband has rendered her unconscious to the troubles & perils of forest life. It’s common for people to be together in the summer of prosperity but they desert when chilling winters of adversity strikes. I’m glad that Sita is untainted by any such defect. She is a model wife & would be held in high esteem forever. I am very happy to see you, Sita & Laxman and it’s my honor to welcome you at my humble hermitage

With clasped hands & in humble reverence, Ram said- I’m blessed that I’ve found favor in your eyes. I pray you to direct us to a spot where we could reside in peace for balance part of our exile

Sage ran his eyes over the future & all it held, replied-2 yojanas from here is a place called Panchvati with all necessities to sustain life. It’s a lovely place on the banks of Godavari river. I’m sure Sita will like it as it’s quiet & secluded. My yogic powers have acquainted me of everything that has befallen you till now & I can guess your purpose when you asked me for a spot to dwell despite me inviting you to live here in my abode

When vision & purpose drives us, we’re not settled but are driven from inside. 

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