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Reach out🚪

As per sage Sutikshna’s guidance, trio of Ram, Laxman & Sita travelled in dense forest to finally reach their destination. The place was surrounded by trees of curious shapes & colors, varied birds & beasts, living together in calm & peace

This was the mighty Sage Agastya’s habitat (Aga means mountain & asthi means to stop, one who subdues mountains is called Agastya). The sage was the slayer of demons like Vatapi & Ilvala who were supremely cruel. He even commanded mount Vindhya which once grew so tall that it was blocking the view of the Sun, to subdue itself for him to pass to the other side. The sage had through’ his austerities gained immense power

Ram said to Laxman – Pain & grief fall away from shoulders of those who seek retreat of a renowned sage whose heart is centered in welfare of good & holy. I propose we should spend remaining years of our exile in reverent service to him

They immediately recognized him by his supreme radiance & glory. They touched his feet & stood before him with joined palms. The sage offered hospitality & enquired about their welfare

He gave Ram, the noble bow of Vishnu personally crafted by Vishwakarma, the divine architect & pair of exhaustless quivers of Indra. These including a sword, were used in past by Vishnu to kill demons & I expect that you’ll defeat your enemies with them & bring peace & happiness to all beings

Reach out & you’ll be surprised! Thoughts? #gameoflife


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