Maheswari likes to write, dance, spend time in spiritual things, passionate to learn new things. She is a mother who loves to tell bed time stories (including stories from Indian literature) in a very interesting way. That’s why she is here, to tell a story to kids.



2 thoughts on “Bhogya’s Samarpanam Series Ep: 6”

  1. Very touching and inspiring story about grandparents dear Maheswari.
    There were some fun bits too, about your grandfather.
    I felt really happy listening about your grandparents from you.

    So true about “Sundarakhande”, a necessary to narrate to our children about our Heroes!!
    I am a Telugu speaking person, so I could completely enjoy your story.
    The child in me was woken up by you ;)! Very well narrated!!
    Thank you.

    PS: Only wish you had narrated the story in English. More of them could have enjoyed.

    1. Thank you so much Andi.

      I feel much comfortable to tell the stories in Telugu. That’s the reason I did it in Telugu. But, I will try next time to do it in English as well.
      Once again, Thank you for the feedback.It means a lot.

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