Bhogya’s Samarpanam Series Ep: 18


GRATITUDE TO GRANDPARENTS – Featuring Apurva Beleyur from Germany.


Apurva was influenced by one of the fine arts of India- the Yakshagana. Since childhood, he has been learning and practicing this art and practiced the art. His father was a professional Yakshagana artist. He considers himself fortunate to learn this art from the Guru Shri Krishnamurthy Tunga for few months. He has been learning Yakshagana on his own, by observing other artists and practicing. Yakshagana requires knowledge on wearing its unique costume and makeup, which he has learnt on his own with little guidance from some of other artists. It’s sheer interest and love towards this great art which made him learn and perform Yakshagana.


Apurva has been performing Yakshagana in Europe on various occasions and has also performed in India. Apurva will be performing a scene of Gadhayudda in Kurukshetra battlefield, between Kaurava and Bheema.











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