Align the Body, Mind and Spirit through Dance

Bharathi Avireddy

It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters. 

Amit Ray





A professional solo dancer and teacher in Indian classical dance styles “Bharatha Natyam” and “Kuchipudi”. Born in a musician’s family, carved my own niche by forging ahead in the field classical dances, apart from dabbling in the family’s chosen path. I started learning Bharatha Natyam at the age of 9 from my first Guru “Mrs. Uma Sampath”. My present Guru is “Mrs. A. Rama Krishna” in Visakhapatnam. I moved to Germany in the year 1994 and the thirst to classical dance encouraged me not only to perform dance but also give classes.  I started “Indische Tanzakademie” in the year 1997 in Wiesbaden and now  teaching in Frankfurt. I have not only Indian students but also students from many European countries. My  Students appreciate  for that I give more flexibility in learning these two forms of classical dances as I believe in “Art is Divine and Divinity is love,” , anything which is done in the form of Art need to be done with a loving heart. 


  • In the year 2006 got honoured by our Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh, for the services rendered to our culture.
  • In June 2014, received Arya Bhatta International Awards, Bangalore, in recognition of the services towards our culture in foreign countries.
  • Nritya Vidya Ratna award by Sarasalaya, Chennai.

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Being a woman is a gift. She does not believe in the false emancipation of the women of the western world. Woman should relish the Motherhood

She aims to enlighten the young girls with Indian classical dance and spirituality, thus ensuring the unison of body, soul and spirit. She wants to keep learning till her last breath.

A peaceful 8 hour sleep at the end of a day, having a healthy body and a happy mind is her definition of success.

As a dance teacher with great inclination towards spirituality, she believes that a large number of students in her school is not her sign of success but to have a passionate student who continues the parampara is her idea of success.

Some Tips given by Our Empress

Emotions are just a game of mind. So calm down and the right path will reveal itself.

Enjoy your dance and dance for God. Do not yearn for perfection, as perfection makes everyone a difficult person.

Aim for the biggest goal which is Eternal Happiness and all else will automatically come to you.

4 thoughts on “Align the Body, Mind and Spirit through Dance”

  1. Bharathi Avireddy

    Thank you all very much for your comments, I am wondering did I say all this? Anyway to make an empress out of me dear Malathi Ji’s technique. Only an empress can recognise empress in others. Jai Malathi ji. Great job.

  2. Inspirational story! I enjoyed the way Malathi ji drew out the story from Bharathi ji, based on her previous answers. Likewise, lovely philosophy of Bharathi ji, who has incorporated the values she mentioned beautifully into her life.

  3. Lovely and simple interview. Bharati teacher is my dance guru. This interview has provided us a great opportunity to know her personality. She lives such a simple life. She encourages every one to learn the dance.

    She is a great inspiration to many people especially the present generation who can not handle the stress/ downfall in life.

    Thank you Malathi garu for such a ncie interview. It’s simply superb.

  4. Beautiful interview
    Apt questions for an experienced person like Bharathi to learn the truth about life.
    Nice to hear her thoughts about body soul spirit alignment through dance. Also her view about accepting difficulties and finding a correct path is the essence of life, in her own words ‘Don’t stick to what we have in mind , just let go and Learn to cherish what we have is the great inner strength’ …
    I also believe in her words and myself strongly think that women doesn’t need to run behind carrier, recognition and success..Motherhood is lively, if we try to juggle we loose it’s true nature.

    It was a fabulous conversation!!!

    She live up to her words. I am really lucky to have her as my Guru🙏

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