How to play Crossword Puzzle

  • The names are hidden in the grid of squares.
  • They are arranged either top to bottom or left to right
  • The clues for the names are given below the grid.
  • The clues are numbered 1 to 10.
  • Any random number may be chosen to begin the puzzle. 
  • Read the clues and fill the grids corresponding to the number.
  • Only one letter can be laid in one box.
  • If at a cross section, please choose the correct direction (right or bottom) for the next letter. By default, the curser moves to the right!
  • If the answer consists of 2 words, then a gap should NOT be placed.
  • There is no time limit for completing the puzzle.
  • Correct answers will be highlighted with green.
  • Wrong answers will not be highlighted.
  • Congratulations! The puzzle ends once all the clues are filled in correctly.
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