Event Organiser Terms and Conditions


The Platform bhogya.online is a brand of Optima e-Solutions GmbH. The following terms and conditions guide Event Organisers about the usage of bhogya.online 

The Event and Tickets
Please provide accurate information about the events and the tickets. The responsibility to ensure that only valid tickets on bhogya.online lies with the Event Organiser. If there are any additional services that you provide along with the event tickets, please mention these very clearly. Please check and confirm that your descriptions of the tickets accurately detail and describe the tickets offered for sale. You warrant that you own the tickets and are authorised to transfer or resell the tickets. In the event you are reselling tickets for commercial reasons, you warrant that you have the right to do so. Please note that it is your (Event Organiser) responsibility to ensure compliance with the applicable laws, statutes and regulations.

Tax on Tickets
The Event Organiser is responsible for determining whether they are required to account for VAT, GST, sales tax or other similar fees (collectively, “Tax”) on the sale of the ticket. We take no responsibility for such issues. If you are required to account for Tax on the sale of the ticket, you should include the Tax (i.e., total) when setting ticket prices on the website. Please note that this Tax is separate from any VAT bhogya.online / Optima e-Solutions GmbH is required to charge on the service charges.

Payment for Event ticket sales
bhogya.online will process the payments from the ticket buyers on behalf of the Event Organisers. The payment will be made to the Organisers’ bank account for the total sales of tickets minus the service charges as per the agreement. Payments are normally done within one week of the close of the Event. As a seller of the event tickets, the Event Organiser is responsible for collecting and remitting the appropriate taxes in connection with the event ticket sales. 

In the case of a cancelled event/non performance of an event, no payment will be made to the Organiser. In addition, the Event Registration Fees will not be paid to the Organiser until the event is successfully completed. If a payment has already been made to the Event Organiser for a cancelled event, we will recover the payment by charging via the Payment Method on file with us. The Event Organiser will have to remit the funds due to bhogya.online / Optima e-Solutions GmbH, and these have to be sufficient to cover the refunds due to the ticket buyers including our service charges, in case of an event cancellation or non-performance of an event.

Bhogya.online Fees
We charge a service fee for the tickets sold via bhogya.online and this includes the payment processing fees.  We prefer that this service fee is included in the final ticket sale price. This fee can be displayed in the check-out process and covers the cost of maintaining the platform, guaranteeing tickets and providing customer service.

Please note that service fee amounts may vary by event and are subject to VAT.

Paying taxes
Optima e-Solutions GmbH / bhogya.online is not responsible in any way for the accuracy or suitability of any payment of any applicable taxes on behalf of the Event Organisers. We do not collect taxes on any sales. As a seller of the Event Tickets, it is the responsibility of the Event Organiser to collect and remit any and all applicable international, federal, state, or municipal taxes in connection with ticket sales (including, but not limited to VAT).

Laws and Regulations
The Event Organiser must be over 18 years of age, have the legal capacity to make any transaction and warrants that they will comply with all applicable local, regional, country and international laws, statutes and regulations regarding use of bhogya.online and selling value of the tickets.

Furthermore, the Event Organiser represents and warrants that any information provided to us, to other members, or to visitors of the Site (a) is not false, inaccurate, misleading, obscene or defamatory; (b) is not fraudulent; (c) does not involve the sale of counterfeit or stolen items; (d) does not infringe any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, rights of publicity or privacy, or other right; (e) does not violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation, including without limitation those governing consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising; and, (f) does not contain any viruses or any programming that is intended to damage, interfere with, intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information.

The Event Organiser agrees to indemnify and hold Optima e-Solutions GmbH and (if applicable) any affiliates, officers, directors, lawyers, agents and employees, harmless against all liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable lawyers’ fees) incurred by Optima e-Solutions GmbH and (if applicable) any affiliates, officers, directors, agents, lawyers and employees that arise out of any claim asserted by a third party that involves, relates to or concerns any of your actions or omissions on bhogya.online.

Additional Policies and Terms and Conditions 
This Agreement incorporates by reference the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of bhogya.online.

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