The Impressive Empress


Pibanthi nadyah swayameva naambhah

Swayam na khaadanthi phalaani vrukshash

Naadanthi sasyam khalu vaarivaahaah

Paropakaaraaya sathaam vibhoothayah


Rivers do not drink their own water

Trees do not eat their own fruits

Clouds that shed rain do not eat the herbs and grains that grow after their shower

Likewise, the lifetime aim of great, noble and righteous people is to do self-less service to the humanity.


The Impressive Empress is a Talk Show that features Women Leaders from various walks of life. These are Women who’ve had a humble or a modest beginning and had forged their way to Leadership – a position to which they have been elevated, thanks to their selfless efforts at making a positive difference to the world. Here, the Women Leaders discuss about their challenges & approaches, successes & setbacks and work & family.

We would be having regular conversations and would be presenting a different empress every fortnight. The conversations could be between 30 to 50 minutes long. 

It is almost four years since I started thinking about women and empowerment, more seriously over the last couple of years, after I was invited to give a speech on Women Empowerment. Over the last few months, it has become one of my mainstream activities to follow this topic closely. It appeared to me that there is a great focus on the Educational and Socio Economical Empowerment of women. While these are absolutely necessary, I slowly started to wonder if this would lead to the holistic empowerment of the woman. I also started wondering if the men amongst us were ALL empowered and the answer that came out loud and Clear was “NO”.  

As more and more statistics are published about the meagre percentage of women in the C suite, the under representation of women in the workforce, etc., there are also reports which say that women(many a times, men too) are not readily willing to take on more challenging positions due to various reasons. 

I began to realise slowly that there is more to empowerment that just the external factors such as Educational, Economical, Social and Political Empowerment and soon, was convinced that a bigger & better focus is needed on the Internal Empowerment, namely Emotional and Intellectual Empowerment. I eventually understood the Importance of having the Intellect in sync with the Mind and how this could lead to becoming “The Impressive Empress”.

Not all of us can be in the C-suite or head a political party. Nevertheless, it would definitely help to have a different perspective – different kinds of role models.

Amidst all this, I have come across many women who are doing an amazing job, more like Wonder Woman or Super Woman and only a handful of these come to light.  The world today definitely needs more such women leaders who are out to make this world a better place for the future generations.  

It is my humble endeavour to present some of these amazing women through this Talk Show titled, THE IMPRESSIVE EMPRESS. It is an attempt in search of a better tomorrow through a better leadership.

When it comes to Women and Leadership, it occurred to me that there are a few Myths floating around. I would like to particularly bring focus to three of these myths and also provide three Mantras that help us burn these Myths to eventually emerge as THE IMPRESSIVE EMPRESS.

I love Acronyms and I have always used that to highlight something or to remember something. Here, I have used acronym for both of these purposes in the word EMPRESS!

  1. Embrace the Woman in You” to destroy the myth “Women can’t be Great Leaders”.
  1. Prepare Relentlessly” to burn the myth that “Leaders are born, NOT Made”.
  1. “Aim for Sustainable Success” To inflame the myth “Success is only for One’s Lifetime”

By definition, an EMPRESS is a female ruler of an empire. The Impressive Empress is a woman who rules over the hearts of people. She ensures the progress of the people she leads and leaves a lasting impression in their minds.

The Impressive Empress is one who Opens Doors of Possibilities and Hope, who is poised with Empathy, Righteousness & Discrimination, combines Humility with Valour, goes the Extra Mile with a Smile and Spreads the Fragrance of Goodness.

The Impressive Empress not only shines on the outside, but glows from within. Her radiance inspires awe in others wherever she goes, and her actions send the message of respect, thankfulness and moral values. My goal is for every woman to realise this for herself. By presenting the stories of women who have achieved this, we hope to inspire many more.

There are so many different kinds of leadership styles and a multitude of University Programmes through which one can learn about Leadership and become a successful leader. To become a Leader who leads from the heart and create a positive impact in the society requires a shift in the mindset, a shift in the approach and attitude of the individual.

Taking responsibility to help fellow humans in realising their full potential, is the way in which each one of us can achieve our fullest self. Through this Talk Show, we would like to attempt and experiment to instil in the listeners, some values that could lead them on a path of selflessness – a path where Name, Fame, Money, Power or Authority donot matter – an arduous path that’s radiant and sustainable.

The show would be like a self help book, a platform where the existential challenges that spring up in the lives of leaders, especially women leaders – would be discussed. The values that each one of our speakers have built up in their lives – the mindful living through the ups and downs of their lives would be presented to our audience. 

A dutiful daughter, loving wife, an adoring mother, an Engineer Entrepreneur, a Motivational Speaker, ……

“Family First” is a policy that my husband and I had agreed upon very early on in our marriage.  Willingly I took a break from my ambitious career to take care of the children and bring them up to be good individuals. Combining work and motherhood is challenging but I am fortunate to have had a supportive family.  Work from Home became the norm.

Over the last few years, I have been spending a lot of time thinking about some fundamental questions like who I am and what I was born to do. Life is beautiful and bountiful in giving us many wonderful experiences and leaving us with many valuable lessons, all the while providing answers to our questions, provided we listen.

When I started to focus on the lessons learnt and my strengths, I quickly came to realise that my passion in life is in making effective and fruitful connections. And the purpose of my life is to make good use of this ability to create growth for all of us at various levels.

As a speaker, I am passionate about all aspects of a woman’s life and love to talk about Childhood, Teenage, Young Adults, Marriage, Empty Nest, Motherhood, Career, Leadership, etc.  My talks would focus on ways of elevating the soul to ensure a positive personal growth – a growth that would lead to a positive difference.

How to listen to The Impressive Empress, the Talk Show

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