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Hope you are all doing fine. Recently, some of our Somebash families had an opportunity to meet up and discuss about THE KUPPUSWAMI SASTRI RESEARCH INSTITUTE (KSRI).

KSRI has maintained a very good track record in its field of expertise and has upheld its reputation as Institution setting for itself very high standards in imparting assistance. Considering the highly skilled and qualitative nature of the specialised assistance offered by the Institute in various fields of research, there is a great demand for assistance from this Institute from India and Abroad. The resources at KSRI had been utilised by Scholars in India and abroad in a large scale in the field of research work on Sanskrit and Indology. The Institute got affiliated to University of Madras from 1982 and as of June 2013, had assisted in producing 39 Master of Philosophy and 23 Doctorates of Philosophy. At present, 2 Scholars are undergoing Master of Philosophy 15 (17 women candidates) Scholars are undergoing Doctorate of Philosophy and 5 Ph.D. scholars are awaiting their public viva-voce examination.

KSRI is being managed with privately-funded donations from Philanthropists so far. Of late, it is becoming increasing difficult to sustain the continued availability of funds to ensure efficient functioning of the Institution.

We have the list of their current research work, duration and estimated cost. Each project costs from *Rs 8,00,000/- to Rs.12,00,000/-*

Some examples:
1. Ancient Mathematics:
i. GanitasaraSangraha: The author of GanitasaraSangraha is the Jain
Mathematician. It mainly deals with Arithmetic. Though there is an English
translation for this text, there has been no study on it. Such a study would be of
immense value to the field of Mathematics and Sanskrit.
ii. GanitaKaumudi: GanitaKaumudi is a voluminous work of many branches of
Mathematics authored by Narayana Pandita. A
Duration: Two years
Estimate: Rs.15,00,000/- (approx.)

2. Krishi Parasara:
This is an ancient text on Agriculture and is attributed to the legendary Saint
Parasara whose work “Vruksha Ayurveda” is an excellent treatise on plant-science.
Not much work has been done on this book and considering the importance given
to Agriculture by the Govt. of India, this publication would provide much information
to our scientists in this field.
Duration: Two years
Estimate: Rs.8,00,000/- (approx.)

Somebash longs to extend a support to take up one of their projects. If we can gather 100 members who can contribute Eur 50 a year (Eur 100 for two years), we will be able to support a research project.

Please note that we are not a registered organization - we cannot collect money from you - if you are interested in supporting us, please fill up the form below. By filling this form we know that you are interested to contribute to this cause. We will respond to your email on which project your contribution will go.

We will also share the account details of KSRI - you can contribute directly to it. We stop when we reach 100 members.

Thank you 🙏🏽

Team Somebash


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