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Thanks for showing interest in Bhogya Online. We welcome your valuable contribution on our site and invite you to read through our guidelines detailed here.

Experiences That Matter”: This is our motto at Bhogya Online to gather experiences from individuals and share it with others to augment their knowledge and elevate them. It’s this quest of ours to seek experiences that brings us to you.

Our Requirement:

“Engage”, “Enrich”, and “Elevate” are the three principles we follow at Bhogya. Any articles submitted should follow the above three principles i.e to keep the audiences engaged, enrich their knowledge and elevate them to a higher level. We invite information in the form of

  • Articles to READ: Any article out of one’s own experience which could bring a difference to others’ lives. These could be related to art & architecture, culture & heritage, health & wellness, life & leadership, kids & teens, food, lifestyle, women, etc. that bring happiness or are thought provoking or in short, keep the audience enthralled. . The articles should be atleast 500 words in length and there is no upper word limit to the article. 
  • Audio Stories to LISTEN: Stories at bedtime is something kids look forward to. Stories that have been narrated and articulated in one’s own voice and not read out which could be a big time entertainment to the children is what we are looking for.
  • Videos to WATCH: Video Clips related to any performance be it vocal, instruments, dance, sloka recital etc are welcome.
  • Games, quizzes, puzzles to PLAY: Any sort of games, quizzes or puzzles which could captivate the minds of the young and the not so young crowd.

*Articles can be pertaining to Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Folk Arts & Handicrafts, Textile & Fashion arts, Culinary Arts,  Culture & heritage, Religious scriptures (in line with Sanathana Dharma), Travel Blogs, Book Reviews, Event Reviews, Artist Reviews, etc. – strictly adhering to the topics of Hindu culture and heritage. 


Our Expectations:

  • All the materials furnished should be an original and innovative masterpiece of one’s own creative imagination
  • The information provided should be totally apolitical
  • The articles contributed should abide by the guiding principles “Engage”, “Enrich”, and “Elevate”
  • Articles should be original and well written/narrated/articulated and should not conform to any form of plagiarism
  • Articles should be in a good formatted structure which are ready to be published
  • Audio recordings should be clear and audible and should have been recorded using a good recording app
  • Videos should be recorded in high resolution mode.
  • References to other websites, books, etc. must be clearly mentioned along with weblinks where possible. Please give proper attributions or full credits to the original creators and be fair to the person who created it.


  • No information which are politically sensitized or motivated will be entertained
  • No article which could blemish other religions will be accepted
  • No article conforming to any form of plagiarism will be endorsed
  • No advertising or promotional content will be recognized
  • Any content which could bethreatening or provoking violence will not be entertained
  • Any content leaning on topics with regard to race, caste, gender or ethnicity will be accepted.
  • Any content that is copyrighted and without licence.


  • You need to create an account on this website before your submitted content can be published. You can sign up here.
  • You must be above 16 years of age to be able to submit any content on this website.
  • Kindly note that no remuneration will be provided for any content submitted to us for publishing on our website.
  • You are free to share the submitted content on another website. 


Bhogya Online shall be held indemnified of all claims, liabilities, expenses and damages claimed by any third party due to violation of the terms and conditions or infringement of rights (intellectual property or privacy rights).


The views/opinions expressed in the articles submitted belong to the author.  We do not own the content in any form – written, audio, video, games, puzzles, quizzes, etc.. is neither responsible nor liable for the accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information in the article. Bhogya Online reserves the right to moderate and alter any objectionable content and not adhering  to the Do’s and Don’ts specified above.

Please send across your submissions to, as a Google Doc or in the .docx format. Please attach any pictures that go with  your content, taking care of the copyrighted ones!

You can have a look at some of the submissions on our Enrich Page.

We thank you for your valuable patronage.

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