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The story of Ramayana as narrated by the great Sage Valmiki begins with contemplation and enquiry about the ideal man. The sage-poet and ascetic, Valmiki, was, one day, lost in thought when Devarshi Narada, who is considered the sage among the sages and a master of the vedas and one who knows of the past, present and future, appeared before him. Valmiki welcomed Narada well and prostrated before him.  Looking at him, Narada asked the reason for his perturbation to which, Sage Valmiki humbly asked him a question: “O Narada, master of vedic lore and messenger of gods, I have been contemplating on the nature of things and wondering if there is one person in this world who possesses all the qualities of the ideal man?”

And this question gave birth to the great epic Ramayana  Valmiki wanted to know if there was an ideal man currently living on this earth, who was an embodiment of the following 16 qualities:- 

“Konvasmin saampradam loke gunavaan kasya veeryavaan!

Dharmagnyascha kritagnyascha sathyavaakyo dridavrathaha!!


Chaarithrenacha koyuktaha sarvabhooteshu kohitaha!

Aatmavaankaha jithakrodaha dyuthimaan konasuyakaha!!


Vidvaankaha kaschamarthascha tasyayika priyadarshanaha!

Kasyabibyrathi devaascha jaatharoshascha sanyuge!!”


Solve this puzzle to find the 16 qualities that Valmiki mentions for
The Ideal Man

1. Principled, Virtuous, with Good Qualities Character
2. Radiant, Charismatic
3. Always Truthful
4. Adept, knowledgeable, Wise
5. Mastered his AatmA, Introspective, Selfcomposed
6. Strong, Powerful, Courageous
7. Righteous, Principled, Diligent
8. Grateful, Remembers even the small help given to him by others
9. Self determined, Steadfast in attitude towards truth, righteousness and resolute
10. Impeccable Character, Excellent behaviour
11. Benevolont to all living beings
12. Capable, Expert, Experienced, Competent
13. Captivating, Handsome, Pleasant
14. Calm, Mastered his anger
15. No Jealousy or greed, Unenvious
16. Even Gods tremble when he gets angry

Words/Clues : Atmavaan, Sarvabhuteshu hitaha, Dharmagnya, Gunavaan, Bibhyati devaasca, Kritagnya, Samartaha, Dyutimaan, Satyavaakhyo, Vidvaan, Jithakrodo, Drudavratha,  Chaarithrena yuktaha, Priyadarshanaha, Anasuyakaha, Veeryavaan

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