Experiences matter.

The essence of any learning lies in its comprehension and its application of that lesson.

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Bhogya Aims to transform the world into one that is lovable and sustainable.​

Bhogya is all about providing experiences that engage, enrich and elevate. We bring forth ideas that enrich and empower communities to make a positive change. 

It is a safe place where like minded people come together and form communities. It is a place where ideas are born, objects are enjoyed, relationships are made and growth is ensured.  

Meet & Greet

Finding friends with similar interests can be a big challenge, as can be finding the right place to meet them. At Bhogya this quest is easy. Our aim is to bring like minded people together and we do this by bringing events related to tradition, culture, art, etc. to you. Here you can spend your time with New friends from your neighbourhood or visit a restaurant with some friends or enjoy a cultural tour.  Ask the Bhogya Online Community what they recommend for you! 

Shop & Cherish

In this Internet-dominated era, the number of marketplaces for online shopping is only growing…BUT, with choice comes burden, and with freedom comes responsibility. At the Bhogya, your risk as a consumer trying out a new product or service is minimized! We carefully monitor our products & services on the platform, as well as the community’s satisfaction of already purchased items. We like to leave the world a better place for the future generations and so we focus primarily on bringing to YOU more local and sustainable products.

Share & Care

Community is all about give and take. At Bhogya Online, you can find answers to any question pertaining to a particular topic, as well as help somebody else find their way! Bhogya Blogs give you a unique insight into our community’s experience, be it at an interesting event, or a delicious (or horrible) restaurant or the best place for a weekend escape.

The joy of giving is higher than the joy of occasion of giving. But the joy of benevolence can be only perceived when the giver gives with gratitude.

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