Register for the Info Session for the IVMO 2020
Ready yourselves, for the World’s First International Vedic Math Olympiad! The international competition, IVMO is aimed to introduce Vedic math concepts to different age groups. The competition would test their ability, speed in using Vedic mathematics techniques and their application in problem solving. It will make your child dig deep into the corners of their minds for a solution. And yes, it will train their brains so that nothing is felt impossible anymore. If you would like your child to attend the IVMO, sign up and join us in for this FREE  information session to understand everything about the Olympiad. After all, no challenge is unconquerable when we put our mind to it. INTERNATIONAL VEDIC MATHS OLYMPIAD - FREE INFO SESSION WHEN : 8th August 2020 TIME : 2 to 3 PM CET

We really appreciate your interest in attending this Information Session on IVMO 2020. Please fill the details below to confirm your participation. 

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