Sowmya Natarajan

Sowmya Natarajan is a freelance consultant into Leadership coaching and is a vegan entrepreneur. She has taught veena at The India International school Washington DC. She has two daughters Purva Dhanashree Cotah and Paavani Cotah. Purva Dhanashree Cotah is a Journalism Graduate and is currently pursuing second year at The Advanced school of music at The Music Academy. Purva is a National scholarship holder in Music from CCRT and is a National runner up for the Balashree awards. Purva also does violin accompaniment for vocal concerts. Purva is exposed to the style of a galaxy of Gurus as part of her curriculum at The Music Academy, Chennai. Purva and her younger sister Paavani perform vocal and violin events and have an interest in holistic development of individuals through music. Purva and Paavani have won various awards from premier institutions and have won the admiration of rasikas with their renditions on YouTube and live concerts. Both are students of Smt Kalyani Shankar. Both have been awarded the Rotary International award for vocational excellence.

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