Temple Management in Āgamas DecemberDec 13 2021 06:30pm Asia/Kolkata


Indica Courses is pleased to bring this pioneering course on Temple Management in Agamas back on repeated request of learners who were unable to enroll in the first batch.


This Indica Course is relevant for every aspirant keen on understanding temple management through the lens of the ancient canon of the Agamas which codify all temple building and worship.



When modern organizations are lauded for longevity and management just for lasting 100 years, isn’t it amazing that we have temples functioning for more than 1500 years? What is the secret of this continuity?  

The secret lies in the āgamas – the canonical texts that are the heart of temple building and worship.  

In this course, we will explore the āgamic basis of temples, the essence of what makes a temple, the functions of a temple, the worship schedule, resources required and reconstruct the management structure intended in the āgamas.  We will also look at a few case studies.

Learners will be given homework and short assignments.  



  • Understand Temples and Temple Management in ancient India  


Expected Outcomes 

  • Understanding the unique nature, functions, people, structure and organization of āgamic temples   
  • Understanding of what makes an āgamic temple sacred 
  • Appreciation of the nature and schedule of pūjā performed at an āgamic temple  
  • Understanding the work done by the various people in a temple 
  • Understanding what needs to be managed at a temple
  • And hopefully, a passion to learn more about temples, āgamas and inscriptions! 



  1. Introduction to temples 
  2. Management concepts
  3. Introduction to āgamas
  4. Worship structure 
  5. Workforce 
  6. Administration 
  7. Organization structure 
  8. Case studies 
  9. Lessons for the present 


Reading List  

  • Temple Management in the Āgama-s by Dr. Deepa Duraiswamy 
  • Srimad Kāmikāgama, English translation by Dr. S. P. Sabharatnam 
  • Other material to be provided in class  
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