Swasti Shri Webinar 3 - Indian Knowledge Systems JanuaryJan 02 2022 04:00pm - 05:30pm Europe/Berlin

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 Swasti Shri Webinars presented by Bhogya.online


As we step in to the third year, we take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you all who have been travelling with us in this successful ongoing journey.

As a gesture of gratitude, we proudly present the monthly  

Swasti Shri Webinars

What's great, what needs to change


The Webinar series is 
for Indian expatriates by Indian expatriates - to help every individual get acclimatised to the land and achieve thier dreams.


The topic for December is


India that is Bharath, has been a continuously living, thriving Civilization for at least 10000 years, if not longer. Its rise, progress and survival as a Civilization was made possible due to the constant quest of its Rishis and Scholars for TRUTH and KNOWLEDGE. India was a leading society not only in the fields of culture and politics but also in science, technology and commerce. The vast body of Knowledge that enabled this crowning achievement, was accumalated over so many millenia and is hidden in multiple different sources, many of which are no longer accessible to the current generation. Unearthing this vast ocean of Knowledge and making it accessible will serve humanity in multiple walks of life, not the least by instilling a sense of pride and confidence that we can attain greatness without having to look elsewhere for the seeds of Greatness.


To talk about this, we have very experienced speakers who will share their expertise and rich experiences in their respective fields and the contribution they have been making to the community, the challenges faced initially and how they utilized the sytem to accomplish their goals.


Got doubts to be clarified by them??

You can just do it right then!! Right there!!!

Yes, every session is interactive.

Our experts are waiting to answer all your queries.

“Pardes Mein Desi” may not be easy……but lets make it cozy!!!


Register yourself!! Its Free for all!!!

Arise..Awake and stop not till the goal is reached
-Swami Vivekananda



Engage! Enrich!! Elevate!!!



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