Swasti Shri Webinar 2 - Food & Festivities DecemberDec 05 2021 04:00pm - 05:30pm Europe/Berlin

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 Swasti Shri Webinars presented by Bhogya.online


As we step in to the third year, we take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you all who have been travelling with us in this successful ongoing journey.

As a gesture of gratitude, we proudly present the monthly  

Swasti Shri Webinars

What's great, what needs to change


The Webinar series is 
for Indian expatriates by Indian expatriates - to help every individual get acclimatised to the land and achieve thier dreams.


The topic for December is


Food is a very much part of the Bharatiya culture. Every region in India brings its own regional food & flavour during every season and festival. There is a lot of importance and meaning associated with the traditional food. We are what we eat is a popular saying that is very true, what with the Saattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic Foods that influence the way we think and act. Food also has a lot of nutritional and cultural values. When we suddenly move to another country in a different climatic region, the food patterns change and this has some adverse effects on our body & mind.


To talk about this, we have very experienced speakers who will share their expertise and rich experiences in their respective fields and the contribution they have been making to the community, the challenges faced initially and how they utilized the sytem to accomplish their goals.


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You can just do it right then!! Right there!!!

Yes, every session is interactive.

Our experts are waiting to answer all your queries.

“Pardes Mein Desi” may not be easy……but lets make it cozy!!!


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Arise..Awake and stop not till the goal is reached
-Swami Vivekananda



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Ms. Shraddha Marathe

Ms. Shraddha Marathe

Shraddha is a Dietician from Pune, India. * M.Sc. Health Sciences, Dietetics from School of Health Sciences, Pune University * Post Graduate Diploma in counseling from Tata Institute of Social Sciences * Certified Sports Nutritionist from K11 Academy of Fitness, New Delhi Work experience *Currently working as Consultant Dietitian at Medfemme Women's Clinic *Associated with Deendayal Reserach as Associate Project Director in a Research work related to Poshan Culture Atlas since 2019. *Founder member at Foodrik- webportal for the parents of 2 to 12 years old children since 2017. *Practicing Dietitian since 2003, worked with Hospitals, Fitness Industry at different levels. *Has delivered talks on Nutrition related topics at various national and international levels.

Savita Ganesh

Savita Ganesh

Savita is a Nutripreneur from Tamil Nadu, Married and is the mother of 6 year old daughter Education: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics * Certified holistic nutrition specialist with several years of passionate journey in Nutrition counseling *Diabetes Educator, Sports Nutritionist, Health and Wellness Advisor, Nutraceutical supplement counselor. *Founder and chief dietitian of Nutrisatori( online digital platform) in 2018 - aim to spread awareness on the nutritional values in our traditional cuisines, fruits and vegetables * Online diet and nutrition consultant to NRI for weightloss and metabolic disorder programs * A specialist in handling Bone disorders and helps combat pain and inflammation in joints *Specialist in nutrition guidance for life style diseases * Since 2019 - Living in germany, Learned language and Currently working as a part of Clinical research Program. Nutrition Passion: Conducting Free healthcare webinars for Indians all around the world. Online tutoring for Young Nutritionists - Project presentations. For Young Children- Inspiring Young minds (IYM) free sessions to incorporate Moral values in kids. ( Partnership Program) Awards: International Achievers award ( 2021) for outstanding Health care performance in Nation building by Indian Achievers Forum.

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