Hindu Ethics NovemberNov 10 2021 05:00pm Asia/Kolkata


Samanya Dharma refers to ethical duties that every person is expected to practice in life in order to contribute to the building of an enlightened society. Practicing Hindus must continuously endeavor to align with these eternal principles, so as to attain fulfillment and happiness in life, and establish harmony and order in the larger society. 

This Indica Course is for learners looking for a deeper engagement with Sanatan Dharma, especially its ethical foundations.


Expected Outcomes

This Indica Course will provide

  • A comprehensive perspective on Dharma, its definition, and types
  • An overview of different sources of Dharma and how to understand them
  • A detailed enunciation on different ethical tenets that are enunciated in Sruti, Smriti, Itihasa, Purana and other Hindu texts
  • An understanding of the practical relevance of Samanya Dharma in one’s life, society, and spiritual journey
  • An introduction to the notion of ‘Vishesha Dharma’ and ‘Adharma’


  • Introduction: Purusharthas & Finding Meaning in Life
  • What is Dharma?  Definition & Types
    1. Definition of Dharma
    2. Rta, Satya & Dharma
    3. Types of Dharma-I: Pravritti & Nivritti Dharma
    4. Types of Dharma-II: Samanya & Vishesha Dharma
  • How to determine Dharma & Adharma? Notion of Pramana
    1. Definition & Types of Pramanas
    2. Shabda Pramana
    3. Dharmashastras as the principal means of knowing Dharma
  • Tenets of Samanya Dharma: A Review of Primary Texts
    1. Sruti
    2. Smriti
    3. Itihasa
    4. Purana
    5. Other texts
  • Samanya Dharma, Society, & Spirituality
  • An Introduction to Vishesha Dharma
  • Decoding Adharma

Reading List

Textbook Used: Samanya Dharma- Ethical Duties common to all by Nithin Sridhar

Primary Texts: Manusmriti, Yajnavalkya Smriti, Mahabharata, Puranas, and more

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