An Introduction To Swabhava & Swadharma JulyJul 10 2021 05:00pm Asia/Kolkata

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Manas or mind – the receptacle of our sensory memories and perceptions, is an incredibly powerful tool. It informs our intelligence or buddhi – the higher mind which regulates our cognitive responses to the world around us, while together with Buddhi and Hridaya, Manas determines one’s Swabhava or intrinsic nature. An equanimous mind can guide your actions in the best way possible whereas, in the grip of fear or other negative emotions, the same mind may lead to ill-judgement and debility. In this course, we shall explore how taming and transcending the sensory mind may lead us to integrate with higher intelligence and help resolve the doubts and dilemmas of every day.


Who should attend?

Living in the modern macrocosm of an intensive rat race fuelled by the “do what I do” marketplace around us, we continually find ourselves baffled, emotionally distressed, and burned out in the effort to keep up and in the process, get further away from knowing and embracing the truth of our Swabhava -our true intrinsic nature. This course is for individuals seeking answers to the following:

-- How to be equanimous in distressing and euphoric moments alike and remain capable of taking rational?
-- How may I contribute meaningfully through my work?
-- Should I focus on the result or the process of my actions?
-- Can I refrain from over-indulging in sensory pleasures?
-- What is my role when it comes to contributing to a larger social and natural system?


Why should you attend?

Course takeaways

-- Engage with your unique swabhava and behaviours from a holistic perspective.
-- Expand meta-skills of self-knowledge and Viveka to guide your Swabhava and grow.
-- Transcend from swabhava to swadharma.
-- Harmonise Vedic practices and analogous Western models of sustainable and contextual change.
-- Connect theory to practice, through reflection, discussions, and engagement facilitated in mixed medium.




Course Facilitator

The guide in your learning journey

Dr. Mala Kapadia

Professor, Director of Centre for Wellness Practice & Resident Mentor

PhD (Literature), SNDT (1986)
MA (Literature, Journalism), SNDT (1981)
BA (Psychology, Sociology), St Xavier’s College (1979)
Diploma in Ayurveda & Yoga, TMV (2012)


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