A place where Events happen and communities grow. A place where everyone feels welcomed and build relationships. A place where joy and memories combine to give Experiences that Matter.

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. – Coretta Scott King.

Meet & Greet

Finding friends with similar interests can be a big challenge, as can be finding the right place to meet them. Bhogya Online is all about making this quest easier. Our aim is to bring the communities together and we do this by bringing different events to you, right here. Here you can engage with your friends online and offline, spend your weekends with New friends from your neighbourhood or make a visit to a cafe / restaurant with some friends or enjoy a cultural tour.

Play & Learn

Being part of a community can be greatly beneficial and increase the contentment in our day to day lives. A community is a living, breathing experience where one can comfortably explore, play, learn and grow. 

Share & Care

 Sharing experiences, commenting on the content, sharing them, engaging in discussions, and coming back – on good and bad days. It’s important to have people around to help carry one through all of the emotions. The challenge is to become a better person, facing the obstacles in life with honesty and tiding over difficulties with a good support group. And while there, it also helps to give back to the society to elevate others.

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