Saranagati Level 1

Online Self Paced Certificate Course


This is a course that aims to dispense comprehensive knowledge about the concept of Śaraṇāgati through the revered work of Sri Vedānta Desika – śrīmad rahasya traya sāra.


The course shall comprise explanation of Śaraṇāgati in the eyes of Sri Vedānta Desika. Relevant lines from his magnum opus will be read and explained in the course of e-lessons delivery.


(1) This e-course shall comprise of *20 e-lessons* covered in 19 hours approx.

(2) The e-lessons shall be delivered in *Tamizh*

(3) Guru for this e-course shall be Sri Dushyanth Sridhar

(4) Eligibility: *sishyas who have declared to have undergone Samāsrayaṇa under a Srivaishnava Sadacharya* (across the globe)

(5) Every sishya shall receive a *personalised e-certificate* upon completion of the course


Abhinava e-Pātashālā is an initiative of Sri Dushyanth Sridhar to share the knowledge of our Indic heritage. Our Indian sub-continent has been the cradle of the Ancient Vedic Civilization. By the grace of all āchāryās, Sri Dushyanth Sridhar has initiated this service of dispensing our traditional knowledge. This initiative aims at instilling pride amongst its sishyās, thereby making each of them the torchbearer of this enviable tradition and culture.

Additional information

Course Provider

Course Instructor

Sri. Dushyanth Sridhar


Available only to sishyas who have declared to have undergone Samāsrayaṇa under a Srivaishnava Sadacharya

Course Dates

On (& between) 05-Oct'22 & 03-Dec'22


On clicking the link "Book Course", you will be taken to the course provider's website, where the registration will be completed.

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