Introduction to Temple Architecture

Get a wholesome portrait of the enormous architectural heritage of India in relation to Hindu temples across the country.


India is a land of enormous cultural heritage and there are various significant elements which have kept that soul alive for various centuries. Hindu Temples have been an active “character” of Indian cultural heritage and one of the most illustrious aspects of Indian art and architecture.

Temples have been conceived in India for many centuries as a sentiment towards the Divine with a perfect blend of geography, planning principles, ornamentation, crafts and other vibrant elements. The regional variation across the country in the past has added something prodigious to the idea of temples.

This INDICA Course will offer a historic and cultural summary of Hindu temples under the larger domain of art and architecture which will allow learners to have a sneak peek at one of the prime standing repositories of Indian culture.

Course Objectives

  • Know the basics of Hindu temple architecture
  • Learn the associated terminologies related to Hindu temple architecture
  • Understand the variations in temple architecture in terms of geography, planning, art, materials, among others
  • Appreciate the intangible cultural aspects of Hindu temple architecture
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