Introduction to Ishopanishad

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Īśopaniṣad is one of the short Upanishads with only 18 mantras that captures the entire gamut of Hindu philosophy and worldview. 

It not only enunciates upon the ultimate goal of life, namely Moksha, but also charts out different courses of life that a person can choose and the kinds of destination such life-courses would lead one to. 

The short but deep Upanishad sheds light upon opposites such as: Karma and Jnana, Avidya and Vidya, Manifest and Unmanifest, Kramamukti and Jivanmukti, etc. 

This course is for anyone who want to become familiar with the roadmap of Vedantic pursuit. 

Expected Outcomes

This Indica Course will provide:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the philosophy of Upanishads.
  • An understanding of fundamental concepts such as Moksha, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti, Dharma, etc.
  • An enunciation of various life-paths and an overview of Vedantic path to freedom.

Reading List

Isopanisad: An English Commentary by Nithin Sridhar 

The course will include select readings from this book. Participants can procure their copy here.

*Please note that if the number of registrations is less than 15, this Indica Course will be offered in the self-paced mode. The change of format shall be notified through email. Learners will also be notified when pre-recorded lectures are available for their perusal on the learning portal. There will no change in the course fee. Learners not interested in pursuing the self-paced format can either request for a transfer into any existing or upcoming course or a credit voucher redeemable in future for another course.

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Course Dates

7 September 2022 – 16 November 2022 6:00 PM-7:30 PM IST Every Wednesday


Rs. 3500/-


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